Friday, April 3, 2020

Work for a general stock art site

(On a side note) I'm detecting a theme here - most of these images I've posted are spherical. Not intentionally trying to do that! I'll post some non-sphere work next! 

Ok - While I have some time working here at home - endlessly, I have an account on a stock art site and am working on some editorial art to go with the more scientific stuff previously posted.

These are fun little things to produce - I can churn out a dozen of these in one day. With Stock stuff, I can take a simple idea - play with numerous variations on the idea and then post them all up as variations on a theme.

All made with MODO including the built in camera Depth of Field while rendering.

These are a shattered Earth series from different areas on Earth and Earth as a virus... this virus one was fun to work on.



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