Thursday, April 2, 2020

Creating a housebound illustration of COVID-19

Hey all!  This is my first post on Blogger -  And during my stay at home routine during this pandemic, I'm trying a few new things art wise.  Namely, biology illustration and continued learning of ZBrush. My first attempts at making a coronavirus are included - with the top two pieces being my latest attempts. 

In a nutshell, ZBrush was used to sculpt the various protein spikes inserted into the lipid viral shell and exported - which was done in MODO - the 3D package I do most of my work in. MODO is used to set up lighting and do the final rendering. Then it's brought into Photoshop to do the final composition and touches. 

Being stuck in the house is a bit challenging, but it's giving me time to try new things and for that I'm thankful.  

I'll keep posting new dispatches from the dining room studio as time goes on.  Including how I make some of this stuff... a lot of it is a new process for me so it will be fun exploring. If anything, I'll be improving my skills as an artist during this lock down. 

See you all later with new (And old) stuff!


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