Thursday, April 9, 2020

Memory Lane...

While I'm sitting here looking out the dining room window at the snow falling in the back yard - big fat flakes - I was looking in my old files and thought I'd stick up some old work from my more active illustration days.

The last illustration, Galileo, was one I did with a program called Aldus Freehand back for the Lexington-Herald Leader in Lexington Kentucky. Just as I was getting started doing information graphics work on a computer.

The top one is a piece for National Geographic on Greenland's melting ice and the next one is about water on Mars for Scientific American - and some other work from NASA, McGraw-Hill and other clients. Nice to revive those older pieces. Sometimes over the last few years I've forgotten I used to do this more... and personally I think I can do better work now.  Which I am trying to do with my art for Superstock with science and editorial art.

Luckily as of late NASA, Caltech and JPL are keeping me busy. 

Anyway - here it is.  And it's really snowing out there right now! Already sticking! And it's April 9th!  Time to take a hike in the woods with the dog! 

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